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Name : Season 1

About :

  • Number Of Episodes : 12
  • Season Number : 1
  • Air Date : 2021-04-04
  • Encoder : Hinditoons
  • Agent Six is a powerful (but stupid) combat agent for an evil secret organization. His life takes a twist when his bosses send him to a fantasy world!

  • Now in command of his own combat unit, Agent Six sets out to fight the enemy the only way he knows how: by being the biggest jerk he can!

  • When the army needs to clear out a tower controlled by powerful demons, the only man for the job is the sleaziest, nastiest soldier they have: Agent Six!

  • Six’s crew is tasked with the toughest job in the army: battling the forces of Heine of the flame. She’s a powerful enemy, but when he gets the upper hand, there’s no limits to how far he’ll go…

  • Six is run out of town on a rail as the Demon Lord’s army marches on the city. He’s a coward and a sleeze, but is he willing to let his old friends fight the Demon Lord’s army alone?

  • The Demon Lord’s army has invaded the city, and Rose, Grimm, and Snow can barely keep them back. Will Six help them, even if it means being a good guy?

  • With the Demon Lord’s army driven away, Alice has time to investigate the local wildlife. But things turn sour when Grimm talks about summoning a ghost…

  • Princess Tillis has a plan to send Snow on an important diplomatic mission to secure water for the Kingdom of Grace. Unfortunately, Six goes with her…

  • The team gets stuck in the desert after a mission goes bad. They’re forced to spend days trekking through the hot sands, and Rose is looking at Six in a very strange way…

  • Kisaragi has defeated the heroes back on Earth, and it’s time for some R&R. But things don’t go as planned when Lilith starts livestreaming…

  • Six has a plan to save Grace Kingdom from invasion: let the enemy do all the work, then stroll in at the last minute, beat them up and steal their prize!

  • Russell has trapped Six and his friends inside the ruins with his giant robot. Alice has a plan, but Six will have to face him alone to buy time…

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