Fruit basket Season 3 (The Final Season) Free Download Dual Audio

Name : The Final Season

About : The story finally enters the final chapter Toru, who lost his mother, lived alone in a tent, I decided to live with Yuki Sohma and Kyo Sohma because the place was the site of the venerable “Kusama family”. However, the Kusama family has been bound by the abominable “curse” for hundreds of years. Toru, who deepens exchanges with Yuki, Sohma, and the Kusama family, struggles to break the curse, I can’t get a clue to the solution at all. On the contrary, Akito Soumaa, the head of the Kusama family, Knowing the biggest secret of being a woman, she loses her word. The “bond” that connects the “God” and the “Zodiac” is a fragile and fragile spiral of sadness. But there is no endless feast-the first memory, the first promise that everyone has forgotten. What is waiting for Yuki, 夾, and Toru over there …

  • Number Of Episodes : 13
  • Season Number : 3
  • Air Date : 2021-04-29
  • Encoder : Hinditoons
  • As Season 3 begins, Tohru struggles to digest all the new information she’s learned from Kureno.

  • Tohru isn’t sure who to talk to, or how many secrets to keep. Meanwhile, one of Shigure’s secrets begins coming to light.

  • A shocking rumor spreads about Machi. Love confessions are in the air, too: Kaibara High School’s seniors are rushing to gain closure with their secret crushes before graduation.

  • The Somas get increasingly worried when no one can find Rin.

  • Momiji seems completely different this school year! He’s got a taller body and a deeper voice, but has anything changed on the inside?

  • Kyo is thinking about the past. Tohru is thinking about the future. But they’re both thinking about each other.

  • Kyo has a nightmare about the mothers in his life. Akito and Ren are still dealing with Akira’s death.

  • Kyo and Tohru have a painful conversation.

  • Yuki goes looking for Kyo. Tohru and Akito finally connect, but then they both get a shock.

  • After a fight, Yuki and Kyo each figure out what they want to do next.

  • Kyo finally tells Tohru what he should have told her in the first place. And we finally hear the true, original zodiac story.

  • Akito makes a drastic choice that will affect the futures of the whole Soma family.

  • Tohru, the Somas, and all of their friends prepare for the next chapters of their lives.

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