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 Series Info

Name : Kemono Jihen

Quality : 720p

Language : Jap (Hindi subtitles)

Size : Below 100MB

GENRE :- Action, Mystery, Demons, Supernatural, Shounen

Synopsis :

When a series of animal bodies that rot away after a single night begin appearing in a remote mountain village, Inugami, a detective from Tokyo who specializes in the occult, is called to investigate.

While working the case, he befriends a strange boy who works in the field every day instead of going to school. Shunned by his peers and nicknamed “Dorota-bou” after a yokai that lives in the mud, he helps Inugami uncover the truth behind the killings—but supernatural forces are at work, and while Dorota-bou is just a nickname, it might not be the only thing about the boy that isn’t human…..MYANIMELIST

Kemono Jihen Hindi Subbed

Episode 01 

  DD   Omega  Mirrored 

Episode 02 

  DD   Omega  Mirrored 

Episode 03 

  Omega  Mirrored 

Episode 04

  Omega  Mirrored 

Episode 05 

   Omega  Mirrored 

Episode 06 

  Mirrored   PL1  

Episode 07 

  Alpha  Mirrored 

Episode 08

  Alpha  Mirrored 

Episode 09 

  Alpha  Mirrored 

Episode 10 

  AL02  Mirrored 

Episode 11

  Mir   Alpha

Episode 12=> Final

  Mir   Alpha

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